Wiki editing is directed by rules to ensure the pages are of high quality and beneficial to the artists as well as the Modelisto audience. Anyone can contribute in good faith to help documenting important modeling professionals.

    Wiki Names

    Wiki names should be accurate and reflect the real name of the professional. Wikis wrongly named are edited or removed. Each wiki name is globally unique, moreover:
    wiki names are set to the real name of the professional in first name / last name format photography companies are listed by their owner's name. The company name is added as trademark modeling agency/school wikis are set to the company name followed by the city of operation names should be in English; If the original name contains letters outside the English alphabet or diacritics we place the non-english version under name (translate)

    Wiki Removals

    Wikis should refer to an important professional that is active and relates to the Modelisto audience, additionally the following are removed:
    Duplicate Wikis: Each professional can have only one (1) wiki referring or registered to his name Modeling Irrelevant: Wikis should be relevant to the core professional audience of Modelisto Inactive Professionals: The professional should be currently active and accepting job offers Non Family Friendly: Wikis should be appropriate for all audiences including students and teens Spam: Wikis removed in the past that reappear under a different/similar name Owner's Request: Each professional can remove the wiki referring to his name at any time

    Description Editing

    Wiki text should contain work and resume information that is helpful in promoting the displayed professional in Modelisto's audience. Content outside this scope should be either edited or removed, moreover:
    Accurate Information: Ensure information is accurate, otherwise update with new. Spelling and Grammar: Ensure spelling and syntax is correct, otherwise edit. Third Person Perspective: Ensure text speaks from a neutral third person's perspective, otherwise convert. Text Formatting and Paragraphs: Ensure descriptions are visually compact and presentable by trimming excessive white space and using formatting. Social Media Links: Urls should be added on the editing section to allow further research of the professional. Family Friendly Content: Ensure descriptions contain family friendly information appropriate for all audiences.

    Photo Guidelines

    Visible Model: Ensure a model appears in each photo. Otherwise remove Work Sample: Ensure the photos are a work sample of the professional, otherwise remove Contributing Professionals: Add the credits of the professionals that have contributed in each work Professional Photos: Ensure photos are of high quality and part of a professional photo-shoot Family Friendly Content: Photos should be appropriate for all audiences including students and teens. Redundant Photos: Remove redundant photos that cause clutter on viewers Photo Categorization: Categorize photos by work type: Photography, Modeling, Makeup and Casting

    Family Friendly Content

    Content that might be considered not family-friendly is removed. Non family-friendly content includes among other to the following:
    nude, adult or fetish content sexually gratifying content provocative poses adult industry professionals, escort services and dating adult links to external sites

    Collective Research

    Wikis should have links to external resources containing work samples and information about the professional. This allows visitors to see more information about him and also allows editors to be able to research his work further.
    Credits and Awards: Update the professional’s exhibitions, shows, credits and awards Portfolio Links: Add links to posted work demonstrating the professional’s services Contact Links: Website, blog, email and phone to ensure the professional can be contacted by clients

    Highlight Guidelines (Modelisto editors & highlighters)

    Editors should highlight photos of professionals they have no direct association with. They can highlight photos of professionals in other countries, as well as in their own provided they aren’t associated with the professional in any way.