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    The following guidelines show how the work of Photographers is categorized.

    Portrait Photography

    Any portrait, close-up or from the waist up. All portraits are categorized as portrait photography regardless the fashion and styling elements. Exceptions:
    Magazine Covers are categorized as Editorial Photography regardless if they are face shots.

    Fashion Photography

    Full body shots with the model in fashion clothes or styling Three quarters shot with prominent fashion elements or styling Long shots that clearly show the model clothes and have fairly clean background. Exceptions:
    Underwear / Lingerie / Swimwear shots are categorized as Body Photography.

    Body Photography

    Full body or three quarter shots with the model in underwear/lingerie/swimwear. Photos displaying prominently the naked torso and abs. Artistic implied nude shots. Exceptions:
    Lingerie/Underwear/Swimwear shots that have the majority of the skin covered in a garment are categorized as Fashion Modeling. Implied nudes that are dark or conceptual are kept uncategorized.

    Editorial Photography

    Magazine covers Long shots with directed or styled background Long shots with models acting in a styled theme see Acknowledgements

    Advertising Photography

    Character disguises Uniforms worn or promoted Visually promotes a non-fashion product Equipment and gear for an activity is worn Objects worn or used redirect to a concept see Acknowledgements

    Wedding Photography

    Bride/Groom Photos Models posing as Bride/Groom Actual photoshot during a wedding Exceptions:
    Photoshoot of the couple in a casual session is kept uncategorized

    Children Photography

    Photos depicting children with or without adults

    Baby Photography

    Photos depicting babies with or without adults Exceptions:
    If the photo also shows children it is categorized as Children Photography

    Maternity Photography

    Photos depicting women expecting


    1. Editorial photography commonly refers to various types of photography that are used as editorial content in magazines. However in order to facilitate a clearly distinctive category we deliberately place only a) magazine covers and b) themed long shots with styled or directed background. 2. Advertising Photography commonly refers to various types of photography including fashion. However in order to facilitate a clearly distinctive category we deliberately place work where is less fashion-oriented and the model takes an active role towards a theme/idea/concept or product. 3. It is possible that from the same photoshot, a close up will be placed as Portrait Photography, a body shot as Fashion Photography and a long shot as Editorial Photography. This is accepted as as long as it is done in moderation. Redundant photos cause clutter to viewers and are removed when in excess.