Guidelines › Description Editing

    Accurate Information

    The information stated in the description such as work availability and resume credits should be accurate and up-to-date. If we have knowledge of details that should be added or changed we edit the wiki.

    Adequate Information

    Each wiki should contain at least 1 to 2 paragraphs of basic information such as the professional's experience and work availability.

    Spelling and Grammar

    We edit and correct any spelling or syntax error we might notice. Correct spelling and grammar is important in order for the wiki to be professionally presentable.

    Third Person Perspective

    Wiki descriptions should be written from a “third person's” perspective.

    Example: Hi! my name is Ryan and I've worked with many designers in the past, and I have done runway at London's Fashion week in Dec. 2014. Rewritten: Ryan's work experience includes working with numerous designers as well as having participated in London's Fashion Week in Dec. 2014.

    Adjectives that place possible subjective emphasis should be replaced with subtle neutrals from an observer’s point of view.

    Example: Ryan has worked with the most famous photographers in the industry. Rewritten: Ryan has worked with known photographers in the industry such as (name #1, name #2 etc).

    Text Formatting and Paragraphs

    Wikis are optimized for 2 to 3 paragraphs of information. This is visually appealing to interested viewers that can get a quick grasp of all the professional key points that interests them. We edit multiple short paragraphs and trim the whitespace to less and more condensed paragraphs. We also add text formatting where applicable.

    External Links and Social Media

    External Links to the professional's social media should be added to allow other editors to research their work as well. The links should be placed in the editing section of the wiki where they will appear as navigational buttons. If redundant links appear in the description we remove them as it is a common area for spam or duplication. The following links can be included: website, blog, video, portfolio 1 & 2, facebook, Instagram, twitter, skype, VK, google+ linkedin, pinterest and Wikipedia, moreover:

    Website: urls should be a registered domain name. Websites without a unique registered domain name (ex. Wix or subdomains to other services) should be placed under blog. Blog: urls should be of a blogging platform or website service such as: blogger, wordpress or tumblr or wix. Instagram, twitter or video urls should be placed on their respective field. In case of multiple urls for the professional we select the most important ones. Portfolio 1 & 2: should link to an external portfolio site that showcases work for the professional. Ex: flickr, 500px etc. We can also include a website service such as tumblr or wix if it contains important work for the professional.

    Family Friendly Content

    Wikis descriptions state information about the professional as well as his services and background. The details should be family-friendly and appropriate for browsing by all audiences as stated in family-friendly policy. Nude, erotic and fetish availability is removed from the text as is not promoted by Modelisto. Students and artists can refer to artistic nudes or glamour modeling or photography if they believe it is applicable to their work.