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    Newly added photos need to be approved before being published in Modelisto. They are reviewed for 24-48 hours by editors and volunteers on whether they adhere to the guidelines. Photos must be family friendly (adult content is prohibited), relevant to modeling, credit the contributing professionals and be a unique sample of work. See detailed list below:

    Contributing Professionals

    The photo should contain the credits of all the professionals that have contributed in producing it. This denotes good professionalism and further allows interested visitors to find them as well. When the artist exists in Modelisto or is considered important we place his name inside brackets [ ].

    Good Description: Photo-shoot in Cameo Club located in the center of New Orleans. The photo was taken by [Jason Mcphiler] for the agency [Unique Models Boston]. The model is [Natasha Rodriquez] wearing an evening dress made by designer [Nico Samuels].

    Bad Description: Me wearing a cool dress.

    Family-Friendly Images

    Photos should be suitable for viewing by all audiences including students, mothers and teens. Photos with nudity elements, fetish theme, sexually gratifying content or related to adult industry services and professionals are outside the scope of Modelisto and are removed (view detailed policy on what might be considered as such).

    Adequate Photo Size

    Modelisto recommends a minimum size of 600x900 portrait or landscape for each photo added. Larger photos are automatically re-sized by the system to fit the requirements. Photos that are very small or contain frames and padding might be removed.

    Professional Photos

    Photos uploaded or linked to wikis should be of high quality and part of a professional photo-shoot. As part of a curtesy some amateur photos could be added temporarily until the model finds a photographer to be photographed or joins an agency. However these photos can be removed by editors at any time if found less relevant to the directory, or stay for prolonged periods of time.

    Redundant Photos

    From similar photos select the best candidates that are the artist’s most appealing visual representation. Photos should be as unique as possible, showing different aspects of the artist/professional. Duplicate or very similar photos that might cause clutter to the viewers are removed.

    Photo Categories

    Ensure Photos are correctly categorized

    Guidelines by Category: Photography Work Modeling Work Makeup Work Agency Casting

    Visible Model

    There should be at least one model appearing in each photo. If the photo is missing a model (for example: shows only a landscape) then it is removed. Jewelry or other type of product photography should show at least partially the model that wears the item (for example: in case of jewelry, the hand would be sufficient).

    Work Sample

    The photo linked to a professional's wiki should be a sample of his work. It should either be work of the professional / or work that has participated in / or helped actively in organizing. Otherwise it is removed.