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    The following guidelines show how the work of Makeup Artists is categorized on the site.

    Beauty Makeup

    All portraits and close-ups showing natural, fashion or beauty makeup. Underwear / Lingerie / Swimwear shots where the garment is little or not visible. Exceptions:
    Creatively painted faces of artistic style are categorized as Creative Makeup. Portraits depicting brides are categorized as Bridal Makeup Portraits depicting men are categorized as Grooming/Mens

    Fashion Makeup

    Full body shots with the model in fashion clothes or styling Three quarters shot with prominent fashion elements or styling Long shots that clearly show the model clothes and have fairly clean background. Body shots where the Underwear / Lingerie / Swimwear is clearly visible.

    Creative Makeup

    Photos where the face is creatively painted with artistic style. Exceptions:
    If body painting is depicted as well it is categorized as Body Painting.

    Editorial Makeup

    Magazine covers Long shots with directed or styled background Long shots/full body shots with models acting in a styled theme

    Bridal Makeup

    Photos depicting Brides Photos depicting Models posing as Brides

    Grooming / Mens Makeup

    Photos depicting makeup or grooming in men Exceptions:
    If both men and women are depicted then according to the prominence it is categorized either as Grooming/Men or Fashion etc..

    Body Painting

    Photos body painting

    Special FX Makeup

    Prosthetic facial or body parts. Wounds or facial deformation is depicted Fantasy character makeover using latex or other special effects.

    Commercial Makeup

    Uniforms worn or promoted Visually promotes a non-fashion product Equipment and gear for an activity is worn Models wear outfits/costumes used to promote an idea/concept


    Photos depicting nail artwork.

    Runway Makeup

    Photos during a cat-walk show.