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    Modelisto is a catalog with important modeling professionals. Operating since 2013, it features models, photographers, agencies and other professionals that have been nominated as important in their country. Modelisto conducts an open research for building a list with the "greatest modeling professionals in the world". All services are free and viewers contribute by nominating new top artists yet to be discovered by the rest of the world.

    1. Explore international modeling

    Explore the international landscape of modeling in more than 24 countries. Discover important models, photographers, makeup artists, stylists and agencies from around the world. The pages are edited publicly by editors and volunteers in a collective environment according to professional guidelines so that they are organized, corrected from errors and presented to a broader family friendly audience. Whether you are a modeling professional, a brand owner, fashion enthusiast or belong to an academic institution you can see significant work by artists in your country as well as abroad.

    Artists in 24 Countries

    2. Contact modeling professionals

    Find and contact advanced artists near your area as well as abroad. As a client you can see a work sample of their services and decide which professional to contact for a business association. You can contact them directly without registering or paying a fee. The listed professionals include models, photographers, makeup artists, fashion stylists, designers and modeling agencies. Additionally to modeling, the directory also features a set of family-oriented services such as children, maternity and wedding photography and makeup.

    3. Contribute in the open modeling research

    Pages in Modelisto are publicly editable, so that everyone can contribute. The editing is done by clicking the "Edit Wiki" button on each page, and allows direct change or removal of the information displayed. The history of changes made to each page can be viewed by clicking the small arrow next to the “Edit Wiki” button and the "Changes" link. In case of an error older versions can be restored. The editing is open so that those involved can correct errors, add photos, credits, format the text and perform any action that might be helpful in promoting the displayed artist.

    Add Wikis: Nominate a wiki about a professional you believe to be important. The artist must be currently active and accepting job calls. Once the wiki is created you can edit it and add information about his work. Editors will assist further by researching the submitted professional and add more details. Edit Wikis: Help by editing existing wikis. Add credits, information about the displayed professionals and any information you believe it needs to be mentioned. Remove Wikis: Help by removing wikis that appear to be invalid. By clicking “Edit Wiki” > “Remove” you can remove wrongly added photos, or any wiki that is outside the editing guidelines.

    Register in Modelisto: if you are an important modeling professional yourself, register your name in Modelisto. This will allow you to Login, upload photos and receive notification when others edit your page.

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    The Modelisto Project is located in Athens, Greece. Questions? See the FAQ, or contact us by phone and email.


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