Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Modelisto?

    It's a collectively edited directory featuring important modeling professionals, learn more.

    Someone created a wiki about me, what do I do?

    You can register it, improve it, or remove it. It was created by an editor during his search for good modeling professionals in your area.

    How is this wiki page beneficial to me as an artist/professional?

    Modelisto is building a catalog with important modeling professionals by country. The wikis are organized in such a way that interested parties can find you easily by your services and location and contact you with business inquiries.

    Someone posted photographic work of mine, what can I do?

    You can add/edit the credits on each photo so that your name is credited. If you have a wiki in your name, you can add a link to it using the brackets [ ]. You can also remove the photo entirely if it offends you in any way by clicking Edit Wiki and then Remove.

    How do I remove/delete my Wiki, is it easy?

    All wikis can be removed instantly by clicking the “Edit Wiki” on the top right, and then Remove.

    How do I create a wiki?

    If it's about you, create a registered wiki, if it's for members in your fashion team submit it here. You'll be prompted to select the profession and enter some basic information about the professional. Once created, editors will review it and add/edit information until a well-presented page is created.

    Can someone post offensive content on my wiki?

    All wikis are monitored by editors so that their content is professional. Any type of content that undermines the artists or the directory is removed by editors. If you have registered your wiki, you are also notified when someone edits it and see what changes have been made. You can always revert to an older version or make corrections yourself, even before editors see it.

    How come Modelisto is free?

    Modelisto is a forever-free service for modeling artists and professionals. Occasionally subtle advertising can be shown to the right side of site that supports operating costs.