Nominations 246

    Miral Abdelmessih Model
    Miral Abdelmessih
    Model | EG
    Sara Hazem El Amin Model
    Sara Hazem El Amin
    Model | EG
    Nada Elqassem Model
    Nada Elqassem
    Model | EG
    Gia Amgad Model
    Gia Amgad
    Model | EG
    Nourhan El Nakhal Fashion Model
    Nourhan El Nakhal
    Model | EG
    Nour Mahgoub Model
    Nour Mahgoub
    Model | EG
    Omar Fitt Model
    Omar Fitt
    Model | EG
    Rawan Sharaf Model
    Rawan Sharaf
    Model | EG
    Ayshah Kamel Model & Blogger
    Ayshah Kamel
    Model | EG
    Alan Samer Model
    Alan Samer
    Model | EG
    Samar Al Masry Model
    Samar Al Masry
    Model | EG
    Tarek Sherif Model
    Tarek Sherif
    Model | EG
    Hussam Zaky Photographer
    Hussam Zaky
    Photographer | EG
    Andrew Tarek Photographer
    Andrew Tarek
    Photographer | EG
    Hatem Saleh Photographer
    Hatem Saleh
    Photographer | EG
    most viewed
    Ayshah Kamel Model & BloggerAyshah Kamel
    Model & Blogger
    Zayneb Azzam ModelZayneb Azzam
    Gia Amgad ModelGia Amgad
    Catwalk Academy Cairo Modelling TrainingCatwalk Academy
    Modelling Training
    Nourhan El Nakhal Fashion ModelNourhan El Nakhal
    Fashion Model
    Omar Fitt ModelOmar Fitt
    Maquette Cairo Management AgencyMaquette
    Management Agency
    Katya Tsekhmister ModelKatya Tsekhmister
    Ifuture Alexandria Production AgencyIfuture
    Production Agency
    Egyptian Ushers Cairo Modeling AgencyEgyptian Ushers
    Modeling Agency
    Rahma Yousef ModelRahma Yousef
    Adam Hussein ModelAdam Hussein
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    The Egyptian Modelisto is an open directory featuring models, agencies, photographers and other modeling professionals that have been nominated as important in Egypt. Volunteers contribute by researching and finding professionals with significant work. The pages are edited collectively according to quality guidelines and visitors can contact directly artists for fashion and advertising projects. Modelisto is creating a catalog with the "greatest modeling professionals in the world", to be included register or create a wiki for your fashion team.