Nominations 29

    Dorka Banki Model
    Dorka Banki
    Model | HU
    Sophie Veni Model
    Sophie Veni
    Model | HU
    Fanny Muller Model
    Fanny Muller
    Model | HU
    Enji Night Model
    Enji Night
    Model | HU
    Juliette Czeisz Model
    Juliette Czeisz
    Model | HU
    Aniko Vago Model
    Aniko Vago
    Model | HU
    Peter Marosi Photographer
    Peter Marosi
    Photographer | HU
    Mark Korecz Photographer
    Mark Korecz
    Photographer | HU
    Zoltan Vass Photographer
    Zoltan Vass
    Photographer | HU
    Zoltan Mihaly Photographer
    Zoltan Mihaly
    Photographer | HU
    Dora Graff Makeup Artist
    Dora Graff
    Makeup Artist | HU
    Trendattack Budapest Modeling Agency
    Trendattack Budapest
    Modeling Agency | HU
    Angelface Budapest Model Management
    Angelface Budapest
    Modeling Agency | HU
    Diana Kassim Makeup Artist
    Diana Kassim
    Makeup Artist | HU
    Joseph Weigert Photographer
    Joseph Weigert
    Photographer | HU
    most viewed
    Barbara Bocsi ModelBarbara Bocsi
    Dorka Banki ModelDorka Banki
    Peter Marosi PhotographerPeter Marosi
    Juliette Czeisz ModelJuliette Czeisz
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    The Hungarian Modelisto is an open directory featuring models, agencies, photographers and other modeling professionals that have been nominated as important in Hungary. Volunteers contribute by researching and finding professionals with significant work. The pages are edited collectively according to quality guidelines and visitors can contact directly artists for fashion and advertising projects. Modelisto is creating a catalog with the "greatest modeling professionals in the world", to be included register or create a wiki for your fashion team.