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    Modelisto does not send spam, sell, lease or otherwise give out information contained privately in its system. The site mainly consists of publicly editable pages that contain information about modeling professionals. The pages are added by editors and volunteers in good faith and contain work and resume information useful to clients interested in their services. Any text, photo or related detail exists with the sole purpose of promoting the displayed professional or company. Additionally the site offers the ability to revert erroneous editing as well as quick removal of unwanted content as described in the editing guidelines.

    Data Online

    Details about wikis are added either by the professionals themselves, contributors, editors or related enthusiasts and among others contain professional information such as: Name, Profession, Location / Address, Trademark, Gender, Height / Metrics, Email, Phone Number, Website url, Blog url, Video Channel url, Portfolio url, Facebook Page, Photos. Any information appearing to be invalid or outdated, can be publicly removed or edited using the Edit Wiki button

    Data Recorded

    Statistics: Modelisto records detailed statistics to determine which pages are viewed the most. Usage statistics such as unique pageviews and time-on-page are used in order to identify popular artists that visitors tend to view more.

    Edit History: Modelisto tracks the history of changes made to pages throughout the site. This is done so that any malware actions as well as human errors during editing can be reverted. This includes keeping a detailed record of IP Addresses that access and edit pages in Modelisto. This is done so that possible malware actions by anonymous users can be traced and reverted in case of trolling or online spamming.

    User Registration: Upon registration the professional is asked to provide a password and a verified email address. These are kept private to the user.

    Data Removals

    Wikis removed by users stop appearing online instantly. They are placed in queue for deletion in intervals that erase the data from the database. Modelisto retains the right to preserve offline data after removal if it believes that they are associated directly or indirectly with fraudulent action taken against it or its users, such actions include but are not limited to: trolling, online spaming and false identity impersonation.


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