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    Vlad Savin Photographer

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    Vlad Savin specializes in editorials and model books. Clear shoots with relaxed models posing on luxurious, natural or simple-colored backgrounds.


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    Vlad Savin is a freelance fashion photographer born and raised in Iasi, the Moldavian region of north-eastern Romania, Vlad owes much of his Weltanschauung (world view) to the Transylvanian allure and folklore of his homeland. Moving to Australia whilst still relatively young, Vlad continued to develop his passion for photography beginning his Advanced Diploma of Photography in 2007 at Photography Studies College in Melbourne, graduating in 2010 and earning the Australian Commercial Media Photographer's “Award of Excellence Throughout the Course”. Specializing in fashion portraiture, particularly editorials, look-books, advertising and modelling portfolios, Vlad quickly developed a knack for bi-polar juxtaposition; capturing the vestal imagery of youth contrasted with more provocative and aggressive expressions and emotive ecstasies. Vlad went on to earn his Bachelor of Arts in Photography at the RMIT University in 2011.

    While commercial photography is his primary mode of work, Vlad also specializes in personal pieces that revel in concepts such as transcendence, spirituality, vulnerability, mysticism, and the taboos of unchaste and bestial maturation, often alluding to the dark side of femininity and adolescent "innocence".

    Vlad has produced and continues to produce superior quality photographs for a range of clients including Look East Australia, Her Pony, Hopeless Lingerie, Que Toi, Volta Models, Cosmopolitan Models, as well as pro-bonowork with RMIT and Whitehouse Fashion Design Students: Lauren Clare Ginn, Emma Sheehy, Gabriella Ferrante, Gregory Amore, Kesie Kowalik and others. He has been commissioned by freelance models, bands, individuals, families and couples. Vlad’s growing list of achievements include being published in magazines such as Culture Magazine Online, Kismet Magazine, Desktop Magazine, Iron Man, Undercoat and websites such as Fashionising.com, Stylemelbourne.com, Broadsheet.com.au and Trendhunter.com.

    He receives passion and inspiration from a vast array of other mediums. An avid music lover, Vlad listens to a myriad of genres such as neo-folk, post-punk, post-metal, trip-hop and black-metal. Vlad also finds inspiration from art house films from directors such as David Lynch, Gasper Noe, Andrei Tarkovsky and Lars von Trier. Photographically, he pays tributes to the likes of Stephen Meisel, Helmut Newton, Miles Aldridge and Aaron Hawks.