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    Jeanette Schwarz Makeup Artist

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    Jeanette Schwarz is an accomplished makeup artist of 9 years, currently based out of Vancouver BC. Her position as Beauty Editor allows her to seek innovative makeup products & trends internationally; and working within these trends, is able to showcase natural/organic cosmetics through her magazine & editorial work, organic-cosmetic workshops, and bridal services. Jeanette discovered her career of makeup artistry while contemplating the idea of pursuing cosmetic arts versus environmental work. Although she loved the energy and creative flavour of the arts, her interest in the environmental and health impacts of her industry naturally led her to seek eco-friendly, natural cosmetics, where she quickly found herself in a niche market that was yet to be discovered by clients and artists alike. She is now considered to be one of the trusted names in ingredient-conscious makeup, and a leader in the eco-beauty-trend movement in Vancouver, and abroad.

    Whether she’s working on a high fashion editorial shoot, forecasting makeup trends for local designers, or working one-on-one with brides to be, she brings a calm, professional demeanour and an innate creative sensibility to the unique visions of every client. Her makeup style ranges from fresh, flawless beauty, to creative uses of shapes and colour; however her consistency lies in her precise application and flawless technique. Jeanette embraces each client with the individuals perspective in mind, taking into account the delicate nature of their vision, her own expertise, and blending the two seamlessly. She is a creative artist and a visionary; both in her personal pursuits and her professional accomplishments. Her professional nature and knowledge of cosmetic content make her a trusted source for her clients, and she is known to bring her gift of genuine kindness into all that she does.