Eva Hrönn Hlynsdóttir Sminka

    Beauty Makeup
    Creative Makeup
    Commercial Makeup
    Body Painting
    Special Fx Makeup
    Fashion Makeup

    Eva Hrönn is a make-up artist based in iceland. She has worked as a professional make-up artist since 2007 and in that time she has worked for numerous photographers, musicians and companies like Toyota, Kjörís, Sóma, Foss, Zimsen, VR, Vjórskólinn, Vínskólinn, fm957, X-ið, Bylgjan, Lára, Skálmöld and more. Eva Hrönn graduated from EMM school of makeup in 2007, and continues to update her technical knowledge by undertaking make-up seminars. She is also a nail artist and beautician.

    Eva Hrönn has also done make-up for Iceland fashion week, hair shows, music videos and many bridal, fitness and make-up for other celebrations. Eva Hrönn specializes in beauty, bridal, fashion, fitness, commercial and photographic make-up.