Анхен Богомазова Модель

    Анхен Богомазова Модель

    Модели в МоскваМосква

    Anhen Bogomazova is a true gem in the world of modeling. Originally from the vibrant city of Moscow, she has graced the industry with her presence for over a decade, leaving a lasting impression on all those who have worked with her. Her journey in the modeling world began in 2012, and since then, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of photographers with varying styles and levels of expertise. Anhen's modeling prowess has also landed her a spot in numerous master classes, and her talents have been showcased in various photo and video projects. In addition to these achievements, she has also lent her captivating look to several advertisements for a range of brands. Her remarkable abilities make her an ideal candidate for fashion and print projects, both locally and globally. Whether it's striking a pose in front of the camera or bringing a product to life, Anhen Bogomazova's professionalism and skill set make her a top-tier model worth working with.


    Aleksandr Prishchepov, Aleksandr Savichev, Aleksandr Taliuka, Aleksei Denisov, Anastasia Buzova, Andrei Lobodin, Andrew Crash, Anna Shakina, Anton Rossi, Boris Bugaev, Gonzalo Villar, Igor Rybka, Mecuro B Cotto, Natalia Fuks, Natalia Melnikova, Nikolai Voskresenski, Sergei Lenin, Svetlana Kondratovich, Tatiana Putiatina, Togrul Gurbanov, Vladimir Lapshin, Vladislav Ostapovich, Yuliya Orehova, Yuri Krylov.

    Height: 5′6ʺ / 168cmBorn: 1992Бедра/ Hips: 87Грудь/ Chest: 81Талия/ Waist: 60