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    I was to an IGCSE candidate, and I'm now at my prep year (facult of engineering) at the British university of Egypt "BUE"..i wanna enter this career cause i believe in it as it changes the way of thinking and having a good experience in my life. 5′9ʺ / 175cm Born 1999


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    Display clothing and merchandise in print and online advertisements Promote products and services in television commercials Wear designers' clothing for runway fashion shows Model accessories, such as bags, shoes, and jewelry, and promote beauty products, including fragrances and cosmetics Pose for workers taking photos or creating pain.. 6′1ʺ / 185cm Born 1997


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    i'm a 24 years old who loves expressing his feelings by any means in front of the camera. I took a part as an actor in an online web series named "Plan B", and participated in several shots taken by various photographers around the country. so far the experience have been suiting me and have grew to be a pa.. 5′10ʺ / 178cm Born 1993

    CairoMasr El Gdeda

    Abdel-Rhman Gad Professional fashion models on social media , got a lot of works with bershka & defacto football player & guitarist. He is also involved into photography. 5′8ʺ / 173cm Born 1999

    IsmailiaIsmailia Shekh Zayd

    Osama Samir is a 19 year old aspiring muscle model from Egypt. Interested in building my portfolio and working with you on professional photos or modeling assignments. 5′11ʺ / 180cm Born 1997

    CairoNasr City

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    My name is akmal shaheer ,i am egyption and i live in egypt ,i play mma ,boxing and muai thai ,i didnt work at any model agencies yet ,just photo sections 6′0ʺ / 183cm Born 1999