Melania Dalla Costa Actress & Model

    Melania Dalla Costa Actress & Model

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    Melania Dalla Costa (born February 25, 1988) is an Italian-born French actress, screenwriter, film producer and activist. Dalla Costa was testimonial for the 2019 United Nations (UNICRI) campaign against violence towards women, was held on the November 25th International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

    Melania Dalla Costa is an Italian-French actress, writer, and producer, born on February 25, 1988 in Marostica.

    She trained at the Elf Theatre, Spazio Gedeone, CTA in Milan and at the Theater Conservatory in Rome. She is a creative producer of Magic Fair Film, a worldwide sales and production company based in Miami, Milan and Moscow.

    She made her debut on the small screen with a role in the soap “Un posto al sole” in 2014, followed by Immaturi, a tv series directed by Rolando Ravello (2016), and the film Pamuk Prens (2016). While continuing her career in the movie industry, Melania studied acting with the best coaches of the international film panorama, such as Ivana Chubbuck and Bernard Hiller.

    In February 2018, at the Cannes Film Festival she presented “Stato di Ebbrezza” by Luca Biglione where she co-stars alongside Francesca Inaudi. The movie was also selected at the Cannes Film Festival Marché. L’Officiel Italy defines Melania as the star of Italian cinema. In the same year Melania played the leading role in the film “I Sogni Sospesi”, a short movie she wrote with the the director Manuela Tempesta, “Three” directed by Alberto Bambini and starred in “The Untold”, a fashion film directed by Irene Cacciarini.

    In September 2018, Forbes Italia, chose her as the only artist to represent, at the Forbes live event, the excellence of Made in Italy. Artribune, the most authoritative Italian cultural magazine, defines Melania Dalla Costa The Muse of Giovanni Gastel (the international icon of photography). Between 2018 and 2019 Melania Dalla Costa is the protagonist and the only subject of the exhibition Cattura, by the famous photographer Gastel, exhibited in Milan, Della Spiga street.

    During the 76’ edition of Venice Film Festival she was one of the protagonists of the kermesse, officially presenting the film “I Sogni Sospesi” at the Veneto Region space at the Hotel Excelsior at Venice Lido.

    Melania Dalla Costa is testimonial for the 2019 United Nations (UNICRI) campaign against violence towards women, to be held on the November 25th International Day for the elimination of violence against women. UNICRI is the ONU institute which deals with crime prevention and strengthening the justice system as a key foundation for protecting human rights and for development. The campaign was handled by photographer Dimitri Dimitracacos.

    In the February 2020 issue, Grazia Arabia magazine chooses Melania Dalla Costa as one of the international women who inspire the magazine, thanks to the work done by the actress internationally.

    In 2020 Melania Dalla Costa appears on the December cover of L’Officiel Italia n. 35 as “Dream Ladie”, in the cast Lily Collins, Alice Braga, Fan Bingbin, Alice Pagani, Hannelore Knuts, Eniko Mihalik, Leomie Anderson and Robin Hölzken. In 2021 Melania Dalla Costa appears on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Serbia in January and on the cover of Glamour Mexico and Latin America in April.

    In 2021 Melania Dalla Costa was chosen as testimonial for the 1000 Miglia 2021 by Franciacorta, official sparkling wine of 1000 Miglia, because she represents values such as the Italian spirit and elegance that distinguish Franciacorta as Italian excellence, and by Chopard, sponsor of the competition. Melania Dalla Costa drove a Mercedes S-class flagship car of President Beretta, for the first stage of the most beautiful race in the world: from Brescia to Viareggio.

    In 2021 Marie Claire Spain chooses Melania Dalla Costa, together with Eva Longoria, Alicia Keys, Isabeli Fontana, Maria Pineda, Marina Testino, Isabela Rangen Grutman, Martha Graeff, Nieves Zuberbuhler, Camila Guiribitey for the Mujeres Empoderadas project: international women who are the voice of justice, human rights and equality, and they exercise it with soul, intelligence and conscience.

    The actress appears on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Bulgaria in July 2022.


    2015/2018 – HT Studio De Santis Technique Ivana Chubbuck

    2014 – Conservatorio Teatrale Diotaiuti directed by Giovanni Battista Diotaiuti: mimesis with Mirella Bordoni, acting and diction with Giovanni Battista Diotaiuti, television drama and film with Edoardo Scatà.

    “International Acting Masterclass” with Bernard Hiller

    2013 – Centro Teatro Attivo, acting and diction, directed by Nicoletta Ramorino

    2012 – Spazio Gedeone, the actor’s art in film and theater directed by Paolo Olgiati

    2011 – Elf Teatro directed by Raul Manso

    2010 – Acting and diction with Mauro Pini


    2022 – LA SECONDA VIA directed by Alessandro Garilli

    2020 – GLI ULTIMI RESTI directed by Irene Cacciarini
    CHANEL BEAUTY directed by Francesco Montefusco

    2019 – I SOGNI SOSPESI directed by Manuela Tempesta

    2018 – THREE directed by Alberto Bambini

    2017 – STATO DI EBBREZZA directed by Luca Biglione

    2016 – COTTON PRINCE regia di Hasan Tolga Pulat

    2015 – ONLY WHEN I’M ALONE I FIND MYSELF AND I OFTEN CHECK IF I’M LOST Fashion Film directed by Silvia Morani

    2010 – SECONDO TEMPO directed by Fabio Bastianello


    2016 – IMMATURI directed by Rolando Ravello

    2014 – UN POSTO AL SOLE

    2012 − BABBALA directed by Marcello Macchia

    2008 – NATALE directed by Marcello Macchia

    2007 – RADIO SEX directed by Alessandro Baracco


    The Magnificent Rebels Of Venice (2021)

    Bonecrackers (2021)

    The Northern Star (2021)

    The Golden Blood (2021)

    Medusa (2021)

    La Lupa (2021)

    Thebes (2021)

    I Sogni Sospesi directed by Manuela Tempesta (2018)


    2021 WINNER – BEST ACTRESS – Award of Prestige – Vegas Movie Awards – I SOGNI SOSPESI

    2021 FINALIST – Best Actress – New York Film Awards – I SOGNI SOSPESI

    2021 FINALIST – Best Actress – Hollywood Gold Awards – I SOGNI SOSPESI

    2020 WINNER – Venice Film Festival – Younger’s in movie

    2020 WINNER – Best Actress 2019 – New York Film Award – REFF – Golden Wolf – Best Actress

    2019 WINNER – Best Production at Melania Dalla Costa – Montecatini Filmvideo

    Height: 5′7ʺ / 171cmBorn: 1988