Marco Trunz Fotograf

    Marco Trunz Fotograf

    Fotografen in HamburgHamburg

    Marco was born in Freiburg, Germany. He works in the genre of advertising and fashion photography. Marco likes to shoot elegant images with a strong visual style & sophistication. Since 2011, he is based in Hamburg.


    His study as a professional computer scientist in the area of design & web developing and his interest in technology & fashion brought him closer to the idea of creating aesthetic images on his own. Out of intuition he decided to follow his passion and moved to Hamburg in 2010. Besides composing fashion editorials with his team on a monthly basis, he mainly works for direct- and advertising clients in the areas of fashion, beauty & lifestyle. He strongly works on evolving and pushing the limits of contemporary photography with a balance of elegant fashion & sophisticated commercial photography. One main characteristic of Marco’s way to work is that he’s driven to achieve the very best out of every production with a collaborative spirit. A come together of the whole team is his key for an outrageous result. He travels around the globe for his clients, but currently calls Hamburg home.


    “My goal is to help on one hand commercial clients to develop a high standard product without having doubt on being too mainstream. And shooting fashion on the other hand in a not too artificial direction while still representing their spirit and adding layers of meaning and richness to it.
    I’m always keen to improve myself and push forward with whats new and apply what is needed to make it look on point. If a style of photography suits a product, it will be shot that way.
    Personally I’m passionate about letting both fields, retro and modern, merge together.
    Editorials of mine contain a storytelling characteristic with honest emotions and a bit of glamour.”