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    Magdy Essam is from Cairo Egypt , currently based in Cairo
    He has big ambitions to model globally

    Magdy have participated in local modeling events in Cairo
    And provided new concepts and ideas of posing and outfits from various cultures and aspects

    Magdy as well has acting skills and currently working on getting these skills more effective

    Magdy is still a student in the Canadian international college although he dropped out , maybe will be back but not this year

    Magdy has traveled the world with the international airlines Emirates Airlines
    Magdy is well aware of the beauty in the difference of cultures and always embrace it and make the most of it and that's why he has friends from all over the world
    You can call magdy a cosmopolitan

    Magdy has a touch as well in photography , poetry , lyrics And dancing
    Magdy loves Fashion and fitness
    As an artist and as a person

    Magdy speaks English and Arabic fluently
    Arabic is his mother tongue

    Magdy is an entrepreneur , he has an online fashion page on different social platforms and looking forward to teach and offer contemporary fashion to the global audience

    Magdy been working on himself since 2010 at the age of 19 in all his interests that inspires him such as modeling and acting as he see he can send a message to the world whether through a daring fashionable outfit or a scene in a movie that inspires people

    Height: 5′11ʺ / 180cmBorn: 1991