Leyla Frantzen Fashion Stylist

    Leyla Frantzen Fashion Stylist

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    My name is Leyla Frantzen and welcome to my site.

    I hope you will find the content refreshing and interesting as I bring with me a lifetime of experience from so many diverse but somehow connected paths.

    Most of all I am a woman who has always had a passion for fashion, whether in my personal style or in my appreciation for the quality, creativity and innovation of the beautiful design that is all around us.

    I don’t believe that styling should be all about the label in the garment but more about the combination and pairing of clothes, jewellery, shoes and accessories blended with professional standards of hair and make-up

    I understand the camera and the lighting and how I can bring styling alive: I understand the power of posture and posing, of mood and location. I feel that it has always been inside me!