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    I'm Jeff Uneku Emmanuel of Jenuel Photography… a Nigerian based top wedding / Fashion Photography in Lagos, Nigeria. Photography to me has been a part of me. I was majorly influenced by my 3 uncles who were editorial journalist in local media houses in the 80’s. They were all good with what they had which was film. I started out learning through observation and been self taught. I enjoy Fashion, Glamor, Event Photography. Born and raised in the Kaduna, the Northern part of Nigeria. I love creating dramatic effects with lighting and trying different techniques. I love shooting various genres including Commercial, Wedding, High Fashion, Urban, Edgy, and Artistic photography. Although I am adept at doing shoots in the studio, I prefer to do on location shoots that are creative, artistic, and showcase "thinking outside of the box". I believe in shooting images that tell a story, apart from having strong concepts in the picture.