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    Jahid Hossain Pinkel (Bengali: জাহিদ হোসাইন পিংকেল; born 1999), known as Pinkel Hossain, is a Bangladeshi documentary photographer.and he is the founder of Pinkel Hossain Photography.
    Pinkel Graduated with a degree in photography from Pathshala (the south asian media academy) in-2013. Jahid Hossain Pinkel Works as a photographer for Pinkel Hossain Photography, and founded the Pinkel Institute of Photography in Dhaka, Bangladesh in August, 2015.

    His work has been published by NTV Bangladesh স্টাইলস অ্যান্ড ট্রেন্ডস The Guardian, Time (magazine)|Time, CNN, BBC, New Internationalist, The New York Times, Asia Time, The Daily Telegraph|The Telegraph, Days Japan, Paris Match, National Geographic, Discovery Channel magazine, Feature shot,The Wall Street Journal, Saudi Aramco world magazine, MSNBC and'' Smithsonian.