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    Ioana Cristina Casapu Fotograf

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    Ioana Cristina Casapu is a creative director and writer who specializes in photography, fashion styling and essay. She is a Co owner of Retro Future Agency. She shoots fashion, beauty, bands & personal lookbooks. She is author of a novel and currently experimenting with poetry. Her work has been published in CAKE MAG (UK), Polaroid of the day, Featureshoot, Nudes In Fashion, JUTE (US), All Hollow, TAROM, Aer Wear, Bipolar Clothing, White Elephant, RAW&RUDE mag, Berlin Art Parasites, Confashion Magazine (PL) & more. She is available for fashion and print projects internationally.


    "I always tell people I can't shoot without the music. (The) models won't show you their souls unless you have the right words. so you have to be fun, you have to be witty, you have to build up a certain tension, make yourself invisible and in the same time present. This doesn't work randomly but in perfect articulation, like a sentence, like a night you will dance your feet away and never forget. Ultimately, that's all what this is about - finding that bare moment where someone's face gets stripped of premeditation and starts giving you, your camera, the world, a reason to fall in love with: themselves" - she says about her work.