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    We are an Scouting Agency ran by Gustavo Granados, who after pausing his career as a model, has dedicated himself to the fashion industry, managing the career of talented venezuelans and many other nationalities on international level. Who thanks to his work as a model in different continents gained experience of knowing each and every one of the characteristics which set Gustavo Granados Model Management aside from the rest, making us the best option for those new upcoming models that really want to have a truly successful career as an International Model, making us the #1 exporters of Venezuelan models to the other parts of the world.

    Just how we offer our models the opportunity to be seen, evaluated and hired by the most important modelling agencies around the world, we also offer Young aspiring models, who may want to learn about modelling, the most practical opportunity to be prepared in different areas of modelling with a group of specialist who make sure to teach them the required skills concerning: How to walk on the runway show, photo pose, make up, etiquette & protocol, oratory, entertainment, body language, acting and english.