Benji Taylor Model

    Face Modeling
    Body Modeling
    Fashion Modeling
    Commercial Modeling
    Height: 5′9ʺ / 175cm Chest: 40" Neck: 16" Shoe: 9.0 Waist: 30" Born: 1990

    Benji Taylor was a Finalist and 2nd Place Winner of Mister Supernational UK 2014 (Formally Mister UK) He was born in England and moved to Toronto, Canada for 7 years. He decided after making a good name for himself in the big city, he would move back to Derby and start a normal day to day life (with a lot of involuntary influence from my family). He has a degree in environmental technology, but love wearing a suit every day. So he accepted a job as a recruitment consultant. He wasn't born into money but luckily thanks to one hard working angel of a mother and an amazing step dad he is now very well of and just shows what pays off. As a family they remember where they came come from though. He goes to the gym at least 3 times a week and plays American Football for the Nottingham Caesars which are a premiership team. He is a loser with a horrible sense of humor and loves awkward moments. He also has random spurts of being hyper. Benji also has a Car and can make it literally anywhere in the UK. He is available to be a part of any Shoot, or screen play.