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    Zita Marias is a photographer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Zita was born in Slovakia and has been taking photographs for almost twenty years. She got her first camera from her father and learned the basics of photography from him, just as he learned it from his father. Always on the go, in the last ten years she has moved 12 times between 5 countries with the photography has been the constant in her life. She is known to be focused and creative while enjoying learning new things. Additionally she is fluent in six languages (English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Czech and Slovak). Photographing mainly wedding and portraits she photographed her first boudoir session on film in 2003 which evolved in a growing interest in capturing intimate photos of women and couples in a creative twist. Zita enjoys seeing the transformation of her models when they feel safe and relaxed in front of the camera and strives for the optimal visual results.