Verónika Kravchuk Model & Tv Host

    Verónika Kravchuk Model & Tv Host

    Модели в МоскваМосква

    Kravchuk Veronika was born on November 4, 1992 in the capital of Siberia - Novosibirsk. SInce the early childhood Veronika differed from contemporaries and adhered to her own principles. One of them "Don't do like everybody!" . That`s why her teachers often told her "Сome back to the Earth!" Being in the 8-th form Veronika participated and won the second place in the world in the international competition in French "Youth and the sea".The organizer was the president of the French university of oceanography.

    At the age of 15 she won the 4th place at the city conference on chemistry. As Veronika professionally took up playing tennis which was replaced afterwards with athletics and she fought for "Locomotive". Who hardly could think that the girl devoted many years to sports, 6 years to chemistry and to studying the languages, decided to give it up and started doing model business. At the age of 16 she was being photographed for the first time for the advertising the Shop&Go magazine in a heading "The beauty and the health". She participated in commercial projects for many times. Veronika was suggested to cooperate with model agency Elite Stars, but she wasn't allowed by her parents because they believed at first it is necessary to get the high education. Veronika married the famous tennis player Konstantin Kravchuk then they moved to Moscow.

    For a long time Veronika travelled with her husband about Europe and they live in Austria. In Europe she also was photographed to advertising. Exactly in a year she gave birth to the wonderful daughter called Eve.Then Veronika decided to take up doing again model business, but now she also attempted as the TV host. For the last three months the girl acted for the advertising S7 airlines, for hotel advertizing in Istanbul and became the queen, the face of the large elite Wine House construction company, and now cooperates with large model agencies: Fresh Models - Russia, Posche models and Real American Models - America. Now Veronika keeps from time to time reportings of large secular actions on Fashion TV. The girl doesn't stop with it and have plans to become an actress in the nearest future.

    Height: 5′7ʺ / 170cmBorn: 1992