Tolga Katas Photographer

    Tolga Katas Photographer

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    Fashion photographer Tolga Katas is an artist. digital visionary and entrepreneur with a lifetime in media and entertainment. Tolga was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, moved to the U.S. at age 12, and began his career in media as a rock singer and songwriter when he was a teenager. By age 20, he was a successful record producer and independent label owner. He produced several multi-platinum artists in the genres of dance and pop music. By age 23, he won Song of the Year.

    Tolga was the first producer to create a hit song entirely using digital music production technology. Between his innovative music productions and his creative business strategies, Tolga is credited with contributing to the sales of over 50 million records worldwide.

    The music business was a launching pad for Tolga to master other forms of media such as video and software as well. In recent years, while creating new image technologies, his passion for photography reached new heights. "I bought a Canon 7D in 2010 and in 2011, I began taking pictures of my wife," he says. "I was fascinated by the way the light fell on her face, and how the shadows could be used to paint different moods and feelings. I probably took 10,000 photos of her before I realized I was addicted to photography. Eventually my wife begged me to shoot someone else," he laughs.

    Tolga and his wife Christine Marie opened a unique, creative production space called Contagious Studio in Las Vegas in 2012 . It is a work/live loft where they are immersed in the creative life and Tolga continues to advance his signature photography style. "He approaches photography the same way he approaches a production," says Christine. "When you're on the set of a photo shoot, you feel like you're on the set of a film. The models are the stars. He brings in a team for the event and he plays music to help the models get into the groove. It's a lot of positivity and fun, but he takes his productions very seriously."

    Tolga Katas is now considered one of the hottest new fashion photographers on the west coast. His artistic photography has appeared in fashion magazines around the world, and in the past month, his work has appeared on ABC's 20/20 and OMG! Insider.

    When he's not shooting fashion models, celebrities or pop stars, this eccentric genius might be found developing music, entertainment projects or technology. His current software in development is an image app and community called Fotoluv.