The Legion Mgt Πρακτορείο Μοντέλων

    The Legion Mgt Athens Πρακτορείο Μοντέλων

    Πρακτορεία Μοντέλων στην ΑθήναΑθήνα

    Who we are?

    The Legion MGT – we are not just the model agency. We are a team of dreamers and we treat our agency as our own kid. We were in modeling industry for many years working as models all over the world and now, as an experienced team, we manage female and male model’s careers.

    We discover future top models and we help them to reach their dreams in cooperation with the world’s leading model agencies.

    We strongly believe this modeling world is not only about the right look, but also about a strong and nice personality. We don´t take models who have only beautiful faces. For us beauty isn´t just about it. It´s a combination of everything and we can promise, all of our young beauties are also amazing as persons, with a great attitude. Be sure you want to get them know and work again&again with.

    What we do?

    We can provide to our clients to work with models, both girls and boys coming from all over the world.

    At the same time our team is searching for new faces and introducing them on the international modelling scene.

    At present we represent over 20 models, working on fashion main markets like London, New York, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Wien etc.

    We are here for each one of our model, and we are here for them fully. That´s why we are not just a modeling agency - we are partners, we are family.

    We don´t want to say everydays cliche "we are better". We just want to work with you and be sure - you will feel the difference.

    Ilia Papadopoulou