Stan Yakimov Photographe

    Stan Yakimov Photographe

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    Coming from a documentary background, with passion and knowledge in fashion and design. With previous experience in dancing and movement.
    Attracted to natural beauty, I engage in assignments with ease.
    Previously shot for a entertainment events, yoga studio for women in business, a fashion show as a main photographer, and a few weddings. Will consider equally professional and beginner models, males and females as long as a natural look and presence are in place. Easily engaging with creative professional with strong vision in their minds. Available to work with fashion designers to achieve the desired vision. The main goal is to build a portfolio and long-lasting connections for future fashion collaborations.
    Travelling and shooting in Europe and South-East Asia.

    Testimonials from clients:

    Corporate client, Event photography:
    "I have worked with Stan on a few projects and I could say his professional attitude and attention to detail have resulted in beautiful creations. He has great ideas for the way things should look and I trust him in his opinion. He works fast and the final product is amazing. I enjoy working with him every time."

    Couple shot:
    "Stan has an amazing talent. Throughout the years, I was working with a lot of professional photographers and I can state that Stan can catch the moment in an authentic way and to create art. The most important thing for me is to flow in serenity during the session. Stan managed to provoke me and to catch natural moments with me. It was a pleasure for me to be part of his photo session."

    Couple shot:
    "The emotions he recreates during the session are so realistic that they live even after you see the photo afterward. We felt so genuine while he was shooting. We have a lot of photos together with Mihaela but I can say that Stan’s art describes exactly the feelings we have between us"