Sergios Karasavvidis Μοντέλο

    Sergios Karasavvidis model (μοντέλο). Photoshoot of model Sergios Karasavvidis demonstrating Fashion Modeling.Η φωτογραφια αυτη τραβηχτηκε στον λυκαβητο απο φιλη φωτογραφο μια απλη ποζα με υπεροχοχη θεα απο πισωFashion Modeling Photo #174083
    Height: 5′8ʺ / 173cm Born: 1989

    My name is Sergios i haven't experience as model but i always want it. I have blonde hair green eyes and white skin . My mother is from Russia and my father from Greece . I leave in athens . I speak excellent greek good English and little russian. Thats all about me.