Richard Pascoe Photographer

    Richard Pascoe Photographer

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    Richard Pascoe is an international photographer from the UK. Richard, Richard is a former entertainment executive who went on to start RP Management, the management consultancy team that discovers, develops and represents clients within the entertainment business.

    "Based between the UK & USA, I shoot a wide variety of styles and models, mostly from the fashion, beauty, commercial, entertainment and glamour world.

    Natural light is my favourite style of shooting but living in a country where the sky is grey a lot of the time, you are forced to master the art of lighting. So I like to experiment with flash & studio lights creating dramatic effects.

    Photography is my business, not a hobby so if this is your career, please be willing to invest in it. TF's are very limited & only with established models. But if I like the idea of a project & the direction inspires me, I might be persuaded.