Panayotis Tsapepas Φωτογράφος

    Panayotis Tsapepas Φωτογράφος

    Φωτογράφοι στην ΑθήναΑθήναΔάφνη

    Panayotis Tsapepas is photographer based in Athens, Greece
    Fashion, commercial, advertising photography

    Some words for me: I like the expression through the art. The image has a power to create sentiments, trigger imagination for storytelling, reveal your feelings or be useful for your work.

    I work as fashion and portrait photographer having cooperated with the biggest model agencies of Greece.
    Also I take over commercial photography for advertisements.
    On wedding I cooperate with Eclipse Weddings.

    The clean lines and beautiful images are my aim in each photo, so as to show up my subject at its finest shape. I want every client to enjoy the experience of working with me and the cooperation to be done with comprehension of his needs and targeting to surpass his expectations.