Kristin Hoebermann Photographer

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    I create super awesome photographs for work, web, and personal use for all mankind. I want to help you get the most creative, hip, cool, gorgeous photos possible! Actors, dancers, opera singers, musical theatre performers, book authors, PR people, corporate people, people in the biz, people out of the biz, anyone who wants or needs excellent photos! I am often asked who the most famous or interesting person I've photographed is As of right now, I would say Lady Gaga holds the title of being most famous. She was still Stefani Germanotta when I worked with her and YES she was really cool and confident and we got along great! And NO, she did not wear a meat suit. (believe it or not, lots of people ask!)

    I have been lucky to work with thousands of interesting, talented people over the years. Not a DAY goes by when I don't see someone I know on TV, in a movie, on a broadway billboard, or in a magazine. I hear their voices on the radio while I'm driving, (HI Perez Hilton!) buy the products they sell on commercials (Hi Matt Walton, Optimum Triple Play guy! and Stephanie Courtney, Progressive Insurance Girl!) See them in terrific movies (Hi Joseph Gordon-Levitt! Now starring in 50/50). HI Vera Farmiga! Up In The Air) See them in Broadway shows (Hi Aaron Tveit! Most recently starring in Catch Me If You Can). I have a great job, right??