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    Katherine is a Fashion Stylist & Visual Merchandiser who currently lives and works in New York. Driven by her undying passion for art and style, Katherine creates visual stories in the form of wardrobe for fashion editorials and films, and visual merchandising. Her inspiration often grows from seeing beauty in unusual places, intake of bazaar occurrences in everyday life, and ideas that can be conveyed simply by an attitude or a way of presenting oneself. She has worked for well-known stylists Deborah Afshani for an Entertainment Weekly cover shoot featuring Lena Dunham and a Time Magazine cover shoot featuring Jay Z, and has assisted GK Reid on various productions including Alicia Keys's "New Day" music video and Mary J Blige's recent Christmas Album artwork and video. Katherine is always eager to explore different potential avenues and work with a team of talented people to build visually striking stories. She realizes that the beauty of New York is the endless motion and potential it holds.