Karol Duclos Photographer

    Karol Duclos Photographer

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    Karol has been a professional photographer for over 20 years in NYC. She specializes in headshots, portraits, and event photography.


    As a photographer and artist, I specialize in portraits, headshots, and fine art—seeking moments with unique depth and sense of spirit. I’ve developed my eye, my lens on the world, to focus on the essential power of the moment—inviting and allowing it to unfold and play.
    Photography is often such a collaborative process—and I’ve had the great fortune to work with individuals and professionals from such diverse walks of life and many inspiring artists and performers over the years. In my fine art I’ve continued to explore and celebrate the nature and spirit of the world around me. In my portrait and headshot sessions I explore creatively, collaborate, and really get to play.

    My Philosophy

    This is fun. We’re here to enjoy ourselves, and when we do that things tend to go really well. I approach my shoots this way and find that, paired with my experience and technical skill this makes my shoots inspiring for us and we get exciting results.

    Photographing People

    My photo sessions are fully-digital and they are very dynamic. I always approach them with a fresh point of view—open to new discoveries. The people I photograph help to shape the shoot through on-going image editing during the session, so they truly get the images they want and need. This is a time to enjoy. I give them the freedom to explore, and I provide strong, seasoned directions so they are grounded and comfortable throughout the entire process. They can truly feel good in front of the camera and share their spirit and the power of their nature. Even those new to being in front of the camera find they enjoy my photo sessions.


    I’ve worked with so many talented artists over the years, from the novice to the notable, initially as the manager of several successful performer’s careers and then bringing that experience and understanding of the field to photographing performers. I love sharing business savvy when I can and playing a part in helping performers to achieve their creative dreams. As an artist, I know the challenges you face and aim to give you the best experience possible, so you have the images you need and that give you confidence and inspiration and motivates to get down to the real business—sharing your voice and talents and enjoying a successful career. It’s my priority—-your experience in the session and the images you get are of the highest quality. You can feel comfortable and in your element in front of my camera even if this is your first photo shoot. Your experience is unique and I care that you get the very best in every way.

    My passion for photography . . .

    I grew up in a house equipped with a darkroom on the first floor, a studio in the backyard, and a professional photographer, my Uncle Birger, who lived upstairs. For my fifth birthday, Birger gave me an Argus Reflex camera which looked a lot like his Rolleiflex. Standing on a stool beside Birger in the darkroom, experiencing the magic and mystery of images appearing before my eyes, I was intrigued. This magic was part of my life from the start—how could I not want to learn photography?

    An interest in travel, art, fine cuisine, and fashion led me to explore Europe and settle in France for several years. I returned to the U.S. and earned an MA in counseling. Eventually my passion for photography came to the forefront and I really dove in. Over the years I have studied with professionals and fine artists at the top of the field throughout the country and in New York at the International Center of Photography, the School of Visual Arts and FIT. I’ve received accolades from the Professional Photographers of America. My work has been published in numerous publications and my fine art photography has been featured in numerous exhibitions.

    Fine Art of Focus

    My fine art photography has been a timeline for my life in many ways. Originally, much of it focused on my children and family, much of it in black and white and sharing a personal view into themes of growth, the spirit of nurturance, and connection. As I’ve traveled more over the years, my body of work has grown as I’ve continued to explore the rhythms of color and light and the connection and clarity I find in spontaneous moments.