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    The Icon Agency was established by the photographer Sonny K Elson in Albania 2009. From its inception the agency targets the newAlbanian models, by giving them the opportunity of being famous and the new images of well-known companies. We honor the diversity of beauty and believe that every ethnicity, age, genre and personality is Sole and highly valued. We emphasize the professionalism in a respectful, inclusive and fair work environment. As Leaders in the modeling agency, we aspire to share the same values, beliefs, excellence and responsibility as the big family we are. The most famous representative models are: Arentina Shakulli, Kejsi Babasuli, Amina Shena, Kejdi Jashari, Alesia Bami, Emi Monci, Arselajda Buraku, Vilma Mjekra, Alesia Sherolli, Alesia Noka, Adea Mehmeti ect. All the mentioned above is characterized by passion in this new era of modeling in Albania, brought by our agency.

    EMI Monci
    Xheni Ndreu