Erlika Rucinska Modèle

    Erlika Rucinska Modèle

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    Originally from Poland, ERLiKa began his career as a young model posing for Photographers and Artists from all Universe.

    She quickly seduces the professional photographers of her native land with her personality, her plastic and her photogeny.
    A few years later, she was spotted during a shooting by a New York photographer, so she decided to move to New York and continue her modeling career in the USA.
    It is in Paris, she will definitely put his bags for collaborations oriented fashion.

    Today, it is a model recognized for its beauty, its freshness and the passion of its job.
    Professionals agree that it is nice to collaborate with ERLiKa because its creative personality and professionalism are reflected in every shot.

    Height: 5′7ʺ / 170cmBorn: 1988