Эльмира Абдразакова Модель

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    Fashion Modeling
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    Body Modeling
    Height: 5′9ʺ / 175cm Born: 1994

    Elmira won the title of Miss Russia 2013 on March 2, 2013. She is a young student from Siberia, as Miss Russia Elmira she got to wear the one-of-a-kind, diamond-encrusted Miss Russia crown and received a $100,000 prize from Russian Standard Bank and a brand new car. Elmira’s exceptional beauty, expressed through her dark hair and blue eyes, is the result of her Russian and Tatar multi-cultural heritage. Elmira was raised in the Russian Orthodox faith, and as a child attended Sunday school.

    Miss Russia 2013 is studding at the Railroad University of Siberia, pursing a diploma in global economics, with a specialty in anti-crisis management. She studied piano at a music school, and also has pursued courses in acting and journalism. As Russia’s most beautiful woman, Elmira strongly believes that dreams come. Her official duties as Miss Russia include supporting a number of charity and social activities in Russia and abroad, as well as representing Russia at the most prestigious international beauty contests, Miss World and Miss Universe.