Danielle Windrix Model & Photographer ® Aditi Unbound

    Fashion Modeling
    Face Modeling
    Height: 5′4ʺ / 163cm Bust: 27" Hips: 28" Waist:24" Weight: 100 lbs Born: 1993

    Danielle Windrix (aka Aditi Unbound) is a model based in Concord. She can be described as the girl next door, breezy Mediterranean, and full of grunge. She likes to explore styles and methods of photography. Her goal is to become a role model to others. She has been in fitness and dance modeling since she was a child. Now being an adult she wants to continue her hobby and turn it into a reality. Being a photographer for the last seven years has also put modeling in a new perspective. Not to mention seventeen years of taking ballerina/circus/dance portraits. She is an easy going person and a hard worker. Available for modeling and photography projects.