Andrea Acailawen Fashion Photographer

    Female fashion and beauty photographer with a strong background in creative concept development, fashion & prop styling, creative team management and digital post production.


    I'm an editorial and advertising photographer specializing in fashion & beauty, related still life/product and botanical images. My work is used in advertising, lookbooks, catalogs, signage, collateral and other print media, editorial publication and stock licensing. I am also an agency test photographer and shoot portfolio images for agency represented fashion models, as well as for agency standard models seeking representation.

    I am presently located in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida and service the needs of my clients nationally and internationally through modern technology to meet their needs at a distance. I'm available throughout the state of Florida for advertising and commercial work, paid agency tests and commissioned editorials. Additionally, I can be booked for national assignments with travel and Per Diem provided.


    I am a strong supporter of sustainable, cruelty-free products in the fashion and beauty industries. As such, I prefer to work with fashion and beauty clients who do not use animal derived materials in their products, especially those who use sustainable materials that do not cause damage to the environment. Please read below for further details.

    FUR POLICY: I do not shoot real animal fur unless it is very clearly vintage or recycled from vintage materials. Both fake and vintage furs must be clearly stated as such upon image publication or posting. I do not wish to support the fur trade in any way and do not agree with the killing of animals for fur related products. This is 100% non-negotiable. I ask that all stylists please adhere to this policy when pulling for shoots.

    LEATHER POLICY: I strongly prefer not to photography any products that are made out of leather, unless vintage or reclaimed from vintage materials as stated above. I realize that this poses problems in the case of some accessories, but I ask that non-leather products be provided whenever possible.

    CRUELTY FREE BEAUTY POLICY: I also do not knowingly shoot, and will not in any way promote, products that are tested on animals. Please understand this before contacting me to shoot your beauty campaign, as it my policy is non-negotiable. Thank you for understanding.