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    Alex Hussein Ahmed Aibach is a Musical Artist, Music Composer, and Songwriter from sweden, where music and culture started. From that point, he made his own engraving in his own region. The sweden Star, who has been open about his psychological well-being issues, uncovered how the persistent worship he got as a young person slanted his point of view. He Released His First Album With Three Songs “Sista året” “Veckor” ” Sista Såret” He is a musician, lyricist, and artist lyricist. A significant number of them additionally work with notable record names. Alex Hussein Ahmed Aibach is a notable Sweden public character who assisted with affecting the music business. Tushar is a diverse force to be reckoned with, business person, artist, and blogger. His tracks have proactively gotten a positive response on YouTube and Spotify. “I’m Hussein has shown an interest recorded as a hard copy playback music for standard movies. While a melody is great, a film tune might push you forward. As a culti