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    Adella Pasos Model

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    American born model Adella has been modeling since 2006. Born and Raised in Chicago, IL, this city is well known for its wealth of public art works by such artistic heavyweights as Picasso, Chagall, Abakanowicz , and Miro. Interested in the arts from a young age, Adella always knew that she would exercise her talents in a creative way.

    Throughout her years in school, Adella successfully won awards in several regional and national competitions in sculpture, painting, and graphic design. Initially, she started in the industry by conducting market research and creating business plans for small to mid size businesses that needed a new perspective on how to drive sales by use of marketing and promotions. Sharing her passion for growing brands from the ground up, she quickly began gaining exposure in the business and modeling industry.

    Adella organized promotional modeling events, hosted celebrity fund raiser events, and began branding her name as the business beauty. She successfully combined her two careers in order to work with Startups, Small Businesses, Fortune 500 corporations and Entertainment Talent that recognize the value of marketing.

    She's helped hundreds of people reach their niche target market via online, social media, mobile, merchandising and events. Not only has she been featured in tons of magazines and publications, but has also promoted and worked with brands such as Jack Daniels, Harley Davidson, Mountain Dew, Heineken, Dub, ESPN, Samsung, Sony, and more.

    She's has a masters degree, she's the owner of a large marketing agency and a few high revenue retail websites, she an author of five marketing and sales books, is a world traveler and speaker at large business conferences. She's hosting a Fitness
    TV show called Fine and Fit TV, a business TV show called What's Your Game Plan and has a graphic t-shirt line for entrepreneurs called NSPIRE tees.

    Height: 5′8ʺ / 173cmBorn: 1989