Guidelines › Wiki Removal

All wikis and photos can be removed publicly if they are outside the guidelines. This is done in order to maintain the quality and relevance of the directory. The following show which wikis are removed from Modelisto:

Retired or Inactive Professionals

The professional should be active and accepting new jobs, otherwise if retired they are removed.

Modeling Irrelevant

Wikis that appear to be irrelevant to the core audience of modelisto and loosely related to modeling are removed. Some examples are:
wikis containing wanna-be-models that do not fit modeling criteria wikis that serve as casting calls or scouting for adult-related work wikis referring directly or indirectly to dating wikis which contain visually unpleasant content

Not Family-Friendly

Content that might be considered non family-friendly is removed (view detailed policy on what might be considered as such). Non family-friendly content includes among other to the following:
nude, adult or fetish content sexually gratifying content provocative poses adult industry professionals, escort services and dating adult links to external sites

Owner's Request

The owner of a wiki can remove his wiki for personal reasons at any time. The photos added to his wiki are also disabled and deleted.

Duplicate Wikis

Duplicate wikis that refer to the same person or company are removed. Each professional can have only one (1) wiki referring or registered to his name. If the professional travels to a new country the original wiki's location can be changed so that the wiki appears to that country.

Missing Photos

Wikis should contain a work sample for the professional. Photos should be linked or uploaded showing a sample of his modeling work. If the wiki does not contain any photos for a prolonged periods of time it will be removed.


When wikis that have been removed in the past according to guidelines, are restored or re submitted under a new or similar name, they are marked as spam.