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Artist & Professional Real Name

Artists and professionals are listed under their real name in first name / last name format. This includes models, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, hairdressers, designers and other modeling related individuals. Photography and designer companies are listed by their owner's name and the company name is placed as Trademark. When the name already exists in Modelisto, the middle name is added to differentiate. Examples:

Name Differentiation Resulting Url
John White Without middle name
John R White Adding just the letter "R" for Richards
John Richards White Adding middle name "Richards"

Modeling Agency & School Name

Modeling Agency and School wikis are named by their company name followed by the city of operation. In case the name of the agency contains redundant words (agency, modeling, models etc.) a simplified version is entered. Examples:

Original Name Wiki Name Resulting Url
Eye Model Agency (in Paris France) Eye Agency Paris
Winchester Models Agency (in Los Angeles, CA) Winchester Los Angeles
Fashion Star Model Agency (in London, UK) Fashion Star London

Name In English

The name of all wikis is entered in English. If the original name contains letters outside the English alphabet or diacritics the editor places the non-English version under Name (translate).

Removing Invalid Names

In case a names seems to be invalid or an artistic alias, the editor checks online to find the corresponding real name for the professional and replace it. If the editor is not sure about the name then he removes the wiki.