International Photographers 980

    Australian Photographers Perth

    I am freelance commercial photographer with a background in portraiture and fashion as well as a strong technical grounding learnt while completing the Advanced Diploma Of Photography course at Central Institute of Technology Perth. This background and a client list including Barking Gecko Theatre Company, ..

    Australian Photographers Gold Coast

    Freya Elizabeth is a professional Beauty, Fashion and Commercial photographer based in Australia. With a penchant for perfection and an eye for detail, she creates works that are intriguing yet beautiful. Specializing also in high-end retouching, her clients are guaranteed a professional product. She is hi..

    American Photographers

    Jamie Nelson is a fashion and beauty photographer with work in international publications ad campaigns and billboards. Nelson’s work can be seen in multiple international editions of Allure, Vogue, ELLE , Harper’s Bazaar, and Vanity Fair to name a few. Nelson is currently based in New York City and travels ..

    Australian Photographers Sydney

    Kristina Yenko is a professional photographer based in Sydney. Her work includes numerous publications in magazines, commercial lookbooks as well as wedding photography. She is available for photography services.

    Australian Photographers Canberra

    Fashion and Portraiture Photographer in Canberra and the surrounding areas. Bookings by appointment only. I love expressing myself though visual means and I'm crazy about natural light! When the light is perfect you will see me do a little happy dance! Photos

    American Photographers New York City

    Filippo Del Vita is a professional fashion photographer born and raised in Italy. Filippo attended the Fondazione Studio Marangoni, where he was introduced to the photographic medium. Learning about its history and development changed his life and made him decide to become a photographer. After a stint in Turin, he moved to NY to speed ..

    French Photographers France

    Olivier Desarte grew up in Belgium and discovered his passion for photography already at the young age of 13. Just after finishing his photography studies in Liège, he moved to London and afterwards to Paris. His visual concept is a distinguished mixture of beauty, reportage and movie ambiance, which made O..

    Slovak Photographers Bratislava

    Martin Lacny is a professional Slovakian photographer based in Bratislava. His work includes fashion photography, numerous editorials as well as work for agencies. He is available for photography projects.

    Danish Photographers Copenhagen

    Beauty and fashion photographer Bo Egestrøm lives in Copenhagen but has worked internationally with commercial and editorial clients. He has more than 15 years of experience and a distinct style. Bo’s expression is modern and pure and always with a surprising twist. His photographs seize the eye with their ..

    Canadian Photographers Markham

    Cam Ta has an artistic eye for capturing the inner beauty of each person she photographs. Through her work, she shows the beauty of everyone in front of her camera, while creating lasting memories by capturing precious moments.

    List of photographer from around the world that can be contacted for photography projects. Their work ranges from model books, wedding, baptism, commercial to fashion photography.