International Photographers 1003

    International photographers nominated in Modelisto. The list includes world renowned photographers as well as new rising stars with significant work in their country.


    Фотосъёмки торжественных мероприятий,репортаж,портфолио и тематические фотосессии,участие в фотопроектах и съёмках по выезду.


    Valentin Mocleasa is a photographer and art director based in Berlin. His work is characterized as cinematic and surreal, but in the same time dramatic. He specializes in contemporary portraits and breathtaking images. He has a background in creative arts (design and visual arts education), and is well-rounded i..


    Tim is a South African professional full-time fashion and portrait photographer based in Jozi. Tim has learnt the art and theory of photography, as a child in the age of film, as a passionate amateur photographers in the form of his parents. Although he has no formal training, he has a technical appreciation for the perfect shot, as wel..

    Reykjavik › Hverfisgata 103

    Tomasz Þór Veruson or Tomz, as he is called in the photography industry, was born in Poland but moved to Iceland in his early years where he still lives. Poland is in his blood and Iceland is in his heart. He has been in the photography business since 2005, focusing mainly on fashion and portrait work, alth..

    Berlin › Lychenerstrasse 6

    Petra van Raaij is a Berlin/ Cape Town based Fashion Photographer, originally from the Netherlands. 

She first discovered her passion for Photography while studying Fashion Design,at the School of Fine Arts in Maastricht. After that, Petra enrolled as a successful Free-lance Make-up Artist, working all ove..

    Nitra › Topolcany

    Svadobná fotografia mi veľmi učarovala, pretože svadobný fotograf sa musí naučiť predvídať situácie, ktoré bežný svadobný hosť nevníma. Je to pre mňa obrovská výzva, pretože svadobný deň je neopakovateľný a plynie tak rýchlo, že svadobný pár často krát nevníma detaily a až pri prezeraní svadobných fotografi..


    Marco was born in Freiburg, Germany. He works in the genre of advertising and fashion photography. Marco likes to shoot elegant images with a strong visual style & sophistication. Since 2011, he is based in Hamburg. About His study as a professional computer scientist in the area of design & web developing ..

    London › 19A Buckingham Road

    Aldo Filiberto is a photographer and director based in London. The core of his photography is people. He specializes in editorial, commercial portraiture and fashion. He shoots both film and digital. Aldo grew up in Palermo, Italy and graduated from the University of Wales, Newport, UK, with a First Class BA Degree in Documentary Photog..

    Moscow › Rusakovskaya Ul. 28

    Детский И Семейный Фотограф Денис Евсеев, Москва. Детские и семейные, портретные фотосессии - в студии, дома и на природе. Фотокниги. Подарочные сертификаты на фотосессию. Детская фотосессия Для профессионального фотографа работа с детьми – всегда эмоционально насыщенный и запоминающийся опыт. Каждая фотосъ..

    Hanoi › Hai ba Trung › 25 Trần Xuân Soạn

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