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    Jose Luis Esteve is a model based in Alicante. His work experience includes participation in numerous photoshoots. He is available for fashion and print projects. 6′2ʺ / 188cm Born 1993


    Nadia Boulif Garcia is a freelance model based in Oviedo. Her work experience includes photoshoots and participation in runway shows. She is available for fashion and print projects. 5′7ʺ / 170cm Born 1995


    Oksana Peresadko (aka: Alex Soviet) is a Russian model and Entrepreneur based in Spain. Oksana is CEO & Founder for the Alex Soviet Brand and Billions Project. 5′8ʺ / 173cm Born 1992

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    Erica Chloe is a model originally from Sweden currently living in Barcelona. Erica has been traveling around all the time, looking for new photo-shoots to create a modeling book for the future. She is open to new, fun, exciting photo-shoots. 5′6ʺ / 168cm Born 1992


    Hans Luther is an actor and model from Seattle, USA. At the end of June he'll be moving to Barcelona and will continue touring Europe from there. Hans is known for being versatile and expressive, fun, and easy to work with. He has participated in commercial, conceptual, as well as dramatic projects. He is hired for his hugely varied exp.. 5′9ʺ / 175cm Born 1987

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    Natalia Hughes is a Model and actress based in Barcelona. She has extensive training both as a model and actress. Her interests include dance, music, gymnastics, riding, writing and art. She is available for Catalog, acting, portrait, beauty, fashion & fantasy, runways, commercial, .. 5′3ʺ / 160cm Born 1993


    Judit Moya is a Model, Actress based in Barcelona Spain. Her work experience includes photoshoots as well ash events and hosting. She is available for fashion and print projects. 5′8ʺ / 173cm


    Modelo de fotografía, asesora de imagen, esteticista, maquilladora, blogger y escaparatista. Asesoramiento completo, fondo de armario, personal shopper, estilista, maquilladora social y fantasia. Modelo de fotografía en exteriores,estudio,moda,fantasia. 5′4ʺ / 163cm Born 1993


    Luciana Ccencho is a model based in Barcelona. Her work experience includes photoshoots. She is available for fashion and print projects. 5′4ʺ / 163cm Born 1994


    Kitti Kovács is a model from Hungary. She currently lives in Barcelona, Spain, and is really interested in working as a fotomodel. She speaks English and Spanish. She is available for fashion and print projects as well as collaboration with other modeling professionals. 5′10ʺ / 178cm Born 1994

    Models in Spain that can be hired for modeling assignments. Typical jobs include fashion and promotional photoshoots, runway and other events. Depending on their availability some models are also available for work outside their country when the travel expenses are paid. For a complete production or event organizing, you could also consider contacting a modeling agency that will undertake the casting and the necessary coordination of the models for the event.