International Modeling Agencies 362

    Russian Modeling Agencies Moscow › Prospect Mira 150 St.

    Модельное агентство «RFMODEL management» сотрудничает с ведущими фотографами, стилистами, дизайнерами, продюсерами, кастинг агентствами, самыми крупными мировыми модельными агентствами, журналами и теле-каналами. Наши достижения: обложки самого популярного журнала о моде L’Officiel,..

    American Modeling Agencies Chicago › 58 West Huron

    After 28 years of launching the careers of some of the world's top models such as Cindy Crawford, Ava Smith, Liya Kebede, Kemp Muhl and more, a new agency emerges - drawing from its past achievements and looking forward to tomorrow's new discoveries. In December 2009, Jane Stewart, who spearheaded Elite Chicago ..

    French Modeling Agencies Paris › 37 Bis Avenue d Iena

    Metropolitan is one of the most prominent model agencies in the world. Founded in 1986 by Michel Levaton. Metropolitan has achieved international recognition by becoming an unavoidable actor in the fashion world, in high class advertising and highly celebrated magazines. Metropolitan's success is based on its pe..

    Swedish Modeling Agencies Stockholm › Birger Jarlsgatan 37

    MIKAs, founded by Mika Kjellberg in 1986, is one of Scandinavia's leading agencies. Throughout the years Mika Kjellberg herself has became synonymous with the modeling industry in Sweden and has together with her staff has succeeded in building an organization respected for its great scouting, internationally re..

    American Modeling Agencies Edmond › 243 w. Wilshire Blvd

    Brink Model Management opened in December of 2009 and immediately changed the dynamic for fashion in Oklahoma. Our philosophy is to assess, develop and direct our models to help them achieve the highest level of success within the industry. We guide each model's career for the long term, always taking into accou..

    Russian Modeling Agencies Moscow

    i-Model – молодое модельное агентство , открытое в феврале 2012 года в Москве. Это, наверное, единственный случай, когда самая молодая компания на модельном рынке является одновременно и самой опытной: ее организовали профессионалы, которые занимают лидирующее положение в отрасли с начала 90х. Это позволило..

    Czech Modeling Agencies Prague › Purkyňova 742

    Modelingová a produkční agentura JARO MANAGEMENT je synonymem profesionality a komplexního portfolia služeb. Hledáte-li modely či modelky pro reklamu, film, kompars, módní přehlídku, nebo hostesky pro společenskou akci, jsme pro vás tou správnou volbou. Zastupujeme více než 700 modelů, modelek, umělců, znám..

    Hungarian Modeling Agencies Budapest › Pozsonyi út 14.

    2001 óta látja el modellek professzionális képviseletét. Az ügynökség tapasztalt kollégái a modelleket elsősorban külföldi partnerügynökségekhez és direkt divat- és reklám munkákra közvetítik ki. A Trendattack Magyarország legmegbízhatóbb modellügynökségei közé tartozik, mind modelljeink mind ügyfeleink is ..

    Italian Modeling Agencies Milan › Via Seprio 2

    Major Model Agency is a recognized agency with offices in Paris, Milan, New York and Munich. Their formula behind every great model begins with integrity, willingness to work hard, a true vision for success, and an accomplished team of skilled agents to groom and develop a marketable image that will appeal to the fashion industry's most..

    Icelandic Modeling Agencies Reykjavik › Bolholt 4

    Eskimo history spans more then a decade. Since its foundation the owners have undertaken a lot of pioneering and ambitious work and the company has grown extensively. It has now established itself firmly on the market. Today Eskimo is by far the largest and most recognized talent agency in Iceland, as well as ha..

    Modeling Agencies undertake the task to provide the client business with models for their campaign. The campaign could be print, tv or public relations. Most agencies undertake themselves the production of print campaigns and some films. They take a commission out of the model’s fee. Additionally to models, an agency will usually provide similar services for creative artists with a commission. A distinctive division are creative agencies where are solely focused on creative artists such as photographers, makeup, hair and fashion stylists.