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    American Makeup Artists New York City

    About Jessica Hoffman has been working as a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist in the Fashion and Beauty Industry for over 15 years, and is still as passionate about her work as the day she started. Jessica has traveled the world working on National and International Magazines, Ad Campaigns, Commercials, Fashio..

    American Makeup Artists Los Angeles

    Ash is a freelance makeup artist based in LA. Born and raised in the Midwest, Ashley’s eye for perfection and intrigue with cosmetics began at an early age. A love for all things beautiful and fashionable led her to cosmetology school in 2002. It was there that Ashley found her true calling, makeup artistry..

    American Makeup Artists New York

    Rachel Bensimon is a makeup artist & hair stylist driven by a passion to expose the innate beauty of women both inside and out. Rachel is devoted to combining her provocative imagination and sophisticated eye with a high level of fine artistry in makeup application. During her tenure in the fashion industry..

    American Makeup Artists New York City

    Theresa is a self-taught professional makeup artist. She specializes in clean makeup application, as well as makeup for; fashion editorial, beauty, runway, bridal, advertising and television. Her professional makeup career began in 2004 with her first retail cosmetic job at Bare Escentuals cosmetic company...

    American Makeup Artists Los Angeles

    Maria Alejandra Barrios is a professional makeup artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Her work has been published in magazines such as Status, Justine and Tantalum. Maria Alejandra Barrios was born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico. She arrived to California for her love to fashion and beauty. She started her love for makeup in 2010 by enrollin..

    British Makeup Artists London

    Tabby is a professional freelance makeup artist based in London. With over seven years experience in the industry she has established herself as fresh young creative in the UK. Since being in London she has had the blessing of success working with local businesses and photographers. Her editorial work appears in various high fashion and..

    Spanish Makeup Artists Madrid

    Naomí Gayoso, Maquilladora y Peluquera Profesional (Talents). Comenzó su carrera en la firma MAC donde adquirió grandes habilidades sociales y comunicativas. Tras su paso por diversas escuelas, se especializa en moda y publicidad donde no solo aporta belleza si no también creatividad. Ha trabajado con depor..

    American Makeup Artists Chicago

    Jenny Patinkin is a highly sought after Makeup Artist who is known for her easy approach to beauty, where minimal effort yields beautiful results. She has built a reputation for creating simple, natural looks and her aesthetic approach reflects her belief that makeup doesn’t have to be complicated or overwh..

    American Makeup Artists New York City

    Photos NYC based Makeup artist Available for : Specializing in Background Celebrity Makeup Artist Suzana Hallili grew up in Europe. Moving to NYC at a young age, she immediately became infatuated with the wide range of culture, art, fashion and beauty. This eventually led her to pursue her passion for the makeup i..

    List of make-up artists from around the world with expertise in different areas of the makeup artistry. The list contains both world renowned as well as new talented artists.