International Fashion Stylists 175

    British Fashion Stylists London

    Lola Royle is a fashion stylist, presenter, reporter and writer. Her infectious, bubbly personality and mischievous character ensure she will be noticed wherever she goes and enables her to achieve exciting interviews in the most unexpected locations. Her witty, humorous and charismatic personality with an edgy twist and a close eye to ..

    Fashion Stylists in Portugal Lisbon

    Nasceu em Coimbra, mas passou a sua a infância em Leiria. Muito cedo se evidenciou nele o gosto pelas artes, iniciando a sua carreira como bailarino clássico aos 4 anos até atingir os 21 anos, após uma carreira internacional. Terminando o ensino secundário na ETAP na área do design de moda, e querendo cimen..

    Dominican Fashion Stylists Santo Domingo

    Es un joven dominicano que tras haber descubierto un nuevo mundo en la ciudad de New York, viene al país para dedicarse al mundo de la moda con muchos ideales innovadores. Se fue a la prestigiosa escuela de Altos de Chavon para prepararse en el area de diseño de moda. Tambien se ha preparado de igual forma ..

    British Fashion Stylists London

    Rebekah Roy is one of London's top fashion stylists and creative consultants. She styles for a wide variety of clients from Visa, Nintendo, Harvey Nichols, John Lewis and Virgin to celebrity clients including Kate Nash, Nero, The Feeling, Sarah Brightman and Billy Idol. Rebekah works extensively with cutting edge fashion designers such ..

    German Fashion Stylists Munich

    Fashion-conscious from a very young age, Beagy's first full sentence was "Don't touch my shoes", the words of a true fashionista in the making. Raised in Europe, Beagy was exposed to a variety of styles and cultures that she incorporates in her style today. It was her love for fashion that brought her to Ne..

    Fashion Stylists in Peru Lima

    Lourdez Carrasco is a Fashion Stylist based in Peru. Available for styling services.

    American Fashion Stylists New York City

    Obe Santos is a Fashion Stylist, Personal Shopper, Consultant, Costume Designer and Fashion Show Producer. He is an industry professional working to Style the world in all aspects of Fashion. S service- providing individual who can asses any given assignment and who enjoys taking on new challenges. As s Stylist ..

    Singaporean Fashion Stylists Singapore

    Winnie Loo is a self taught fashion and commercial stylist that specializes in fashion and commercial styling. He also sources for accessories and materials, style for blog shops.

    Indian Fashion Stylists Mumbai › Bandra

    An independent fashion designer/stylist, a fashion graduate from NIFT ,India (National Institute Of Fashion Technology) based in Delhi and Mumbai with more than 3 years of experiences in fashion ,film and advertising industry. Expertise in following fields Film / movie Ad films/ commercials celebrity wardrobe ..

    American Fashion Stylists Los Angeles

    Inancy Chery is a personal celebrity, and wardrobe fashion stylist. Her experience includes styling photoshoots for celebrities like Valery Ortiz, Mekia Cox,Tanya Chilsom, Catalina Rrodriguez,Valenzia Algarin and Andre Myers.